Useful Tips

A problem of stability with your toilet seat ?

Here is the solution:
The outer lips (in pliable plastic) may be pulled out slightly to widen the fitting or, on the contrary, pushed in slightly to narrow the fitting: use your palms to push inwards or outwards.

If the toilet bowl is very wide (exceeding 37 cm/14½”), prepare a piece of wood to the dimensions of the toilet bowl and place it in between both lips for 96 hours, i.e. until the lips adopt the shape of the bowl. The lips of the toilet seat are in unbreakable material: the shape of the seat could be easily transformed if you wanted!

How to apply a Sticker?

Spray commercial window cleaner or soapy water on the flap (do not wipe dry) and place the sticker directly on top. In this manner the sticker will not instantly adhere to the flap, which will enable you to position it correctly. Using a plastic card or similar as scraper, carefully flatten out the sticker in the desired position. Start from the centre in a circular fashion, moving outwards little-by-little. Wipe off any liquid as it runs over the edge of the flap. Once the sticker in place, flatten it out correctly to remove any air bubbles.

If badly positioned, the commercial window-cleaner will enable you to unstick it and start over again.

Once stuck in position on the flap, allow the sticker to dry off for at least 5 hours at room temperature before attempting to wash it.

Suspended toilets: check compatibility !

The PAPADO clippable toilet seats fit onto almost all shapes of toilet...

However, if you have suspended toilets with upright wall fittings (see photo), the PAPADO toilet seats, due to their round shape, are not adapted to their structure. Conscious of such hindrance and to better serve you, we are currently working on a new model for use with this type of toilet. If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail with a photo of your installation.