Agnès Lowe the brain of Papado

T he story behind PAPADO is different from any other, no doubt because it is all about a “throne”! It all started in 2011 when Agnès was cleaning her toilets for the umpteenth time. As always, she asked herself why cleaning took so long with so much manipulation: lifting up, cleaning the surrounds, adopting an acrobatic stance to access nooks and crannies, just to end up unscrewing the whole thing in an effort to gain perfect hygiene... So much energy wasted day after day!

So, in an aim to change matters and simplify life for thousands of users, Agnès started thinking, devised prototypes and developed a clippable toilet seat model that no longer required a screw system to remain stable: a true lavatory revolution in terms of comfort and cleaning!

Since, Agnès has been rewarded with many prizes for her PAPADO toilet seat: medals at the “Concours Lépine” exhibition of inventions, Gold Medal at the 2013 Strasbourg European Fair, Gold Medal from the World Intellectual Property Organization, 2014 Best Woman Inventor Prize in Paris and First Prize awarded by Fidealis (online copyright agency). All these prizes illustrate her practical and useful invention, 100% recyclable and designed & manufactured in France, instigating the interdependent local economy.

So to be considered as the “Queen of Sheba”, choose the PAPADO throne “Made in Normandy”, which will guarantee you optimal comfort and a significant gain in time for cleaning...